Penn State Downs Michigan State, Rose Battle with USC Likely?


Our PSU student correspondent Ali chimes in on Saturday's Michigan State game.

I smell roses.

On the coldest game day in Happy Valley in over 20 years,
Penn State claimed the title of Big Ten champs with an impressive 49-18 win
over Michigan State. And it was done with an all around team effort as both the
offense and defense came out to play, and handled the Spartans with ease. The
defense set the tone early and once again contained a big time running back as
they held Javon Ringer to a season low 42 yards. Daryll Clark connected with
the lethal senior trio of Norwood, Butler, and Williams who fittingly led the
offense on Senior Day, and left their mark during their final game at Beaver

Despite the freezing temperatures, neither tailgating nor
attendance was affected by the weather. Nittany Lion fans came out in full
force and were treated to a show. The seniors were given a well deserved recognition
before the game, and even the senior Nittany Lion mascot revealed his face
during his final home game. Much to my relief, the rumors floating around
campus all week that Joe had asked the Blue Band not to play at halftime
because he was going to announce his retirement were completely false. Paterno
told the crowd at the pep rally Friday night that he planned to run out of the
tunnel during the 2009 home opener. I’ll be looking forward to see him start
off his 44th season as head coach in typical JoePa style. But for
now I’ll be waiting for New Years Day to watch Penn State battle it out in the
Rose Bowl.

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