Phanatic Hit With Foul Ball, Could Trip to DL Be In His Future? (video added)


Word first broke via the Lehigh Valley IronPigs twitter around 9:40 pm EST that the Phillie Phanatic was sidelined during his trip to Coca-Cola Park after being hit by a foul ball.

"The Phanatic will not perform again tonight as a precautionary measure after being hit by a foul ball," was the official word.

Wednesday was "World Famous Phillie Phanatic appearance" night in the Valley, according to the IronPigs website.

We assume the Phanatic was unavailable for comment following the game (because he can't speak), but he likely gestured a "Suck It" sign in the general vicinity of the guy who fouled the ball off at him. We assume that means he'll be just fine when the Phillies return home to face the Athletics in Inter-League play on Friday.

In the dire instance that the Phanatic were unable to perform at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia this weekend, we know a guy with a pretty high VORP (Value Over Replacement Phanatic).

REAL NEWS UPDATE: Turns out the Phanatic was actually hurt badly enough where he needed to go to the hospital. From the Morning Call, "The Phanatic was entertaining behind the first-base dugout in the top of the third inning when one of the Indianapolis Indians fouled a ball into his neck, a spot that roughly corresponds to Burgoyne's head."

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