Philadelphians Broke the Bank on Phillies, Need Bailout to Support Sixers


It makes sense. I know I spent way too much money on Phillies tickets, gear, drinks, and general expenses for the best time ever. The Sixers may be feeling the results of that.

"Definitely, there was so much attention and so much money spent on the
Phillies," Jeremi Conaway, of Wanamaker's Tickets in Center City, said
yesterday. "People weren't thinking about basketball at all. There's
only so much money to go around, and a majority of that definitely was
going to the Phillies. At the same time, the Sixers' attendance would
be much better if they were playing better basketball."

FWIW, we may put together a field trip to the Wach on a Saturday night in December to support the troops. And to drink beer.

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