Quotable: Andy Agrees With Donovan on Playmakers (Kinda, Sorta)


"If we have an opportunity to add difference-making players,
obviously we'd like to do it," Reid said. "There are a lot of guys
you're going to be looking at right now who are going to be tagged or
signed back [by their current teams]. That's all part of it - you've
got to go through it."

It's nice to see Andy at least say if the opportunity is there, they'll take it.  But our definition of an opportunity being there and Andy's is likely pretty different.

Also, somebody asked Andy when he's gonna start a blog.

"I've got to get rid of the blog around my waist right now," he said. "That's the only blog I'm worried about."

Ha! Actually, that is not at all funny.  Nope.

>>Eagles' Reid open to adding 'difference-making' players [Inquirer]

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