Quotable: Ed Snider Never Wants to Go Through That Goalie Carousel Again


Ed Snider feels the same way about the Flyers goalie situation as you do. He never wants to see this team go through what they did this postseason, rotating goalies in and out at a head-shaking clip.

The Flyers top man talked to the Inquirer and shared his opinions about the discouraging post season and how he never wants to see that goalie carousel again.

“So either one of the goalies we have has to step up in training camp, or we have to make improvements to make sure it happens. But we are NEVER going to go through the goalie issues we’ve gone through in the last couple of years again.”

And from Sam Carchidi:

Snider made it a point to say that rookie Sergei Bobrovsky was viewed as the Fyers' "goalie of the future."

On the one hand, he's saying they'll never go through that again. But on the other, Bob is likely to be given a crack at starting in training camp.

It's the Flyers goalie situation. A final answer in net just seems like a foreign concept, but at least you know it frustrates Snider as much as it does you.

>>Snider wants a goalie, too [Inquirer]

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