Quotable: Terrell Owens on Quarterbacks


"I've always had a good relationship with quarterbacks.  I
know what type of person I am on the inside. I know who I am."

That was Terrell Owens last night after a tough loss to the Giants.  I promise this will be my last T.O. post for quite some time, but I felt the need to chime in and add some real commentary to the fun videos that have been posted.

I like Terrell Owens.  It's true.

I think he is fairly bonkers half
the time, but I honestly think he believes everything he says.  Perhaps
he is one of those people who, when discussing the past, will convince
himself that whatever he thinks it may have been like, then that is indeed
fact.  He probably really does believe he had a good relationship with
Donovan McNabb.

Did I get a kick out of watching T.O. squirm up there during his press
conference last night?  Absolutely.  Do I kind of feel bad for the
guy?  Sure, maybe a little.  Look at this picture.  That's sad.

I think there are three key points to be made when it comes to Terrell Owens today:

1.) He is one heck of a football player and a true gamer.  Many athletes wouldn't have even suited up yesterday.
2.) At times, he is a lunatic.  But he is one entertaining lunatic.
3.) He's a Cowboy.  Nobody who calls themselves an Eagles fan can ever root for a Cowboy.

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