Scenes From the NovaCare Complex


Yesterday The 700 Level received an all new level of access when we were invited to visit the secret lair of Andy Reid, The NovaCare Complex.

Actually, one of our intrepid young photo journalists managed to get seven yards into the lobby dressed in a Brandon Jacobs jersey before anybody even noticed.  It took the guards 60 minutes to stop our camouflaged reporter, and by then the damage was done.  Thanks to the magic of modern technology, we've received inside information and pictures from this incredible tale.

Unfortunately there was precious little time to pass everything along, so we only have a couple of photos and an interview.

Here we have a shot of the cafeteria where our reporter ran into an Eagles player who asked not to be named in this story.  He told us a member of the offense handed the manager a few Benjamins and requested Coach Reid get the special sauce in his lunch.  I thought this was a really nice gesture.  With all the rumors flying around about Andy losing the locker room, this is proof that they are even closer than ever.

Finally, in another amazing exclusive, the above is a real live sighting of the Eagles playbook.  Once thought to be as mythical as the Holy Grail or Atlantis, this would seem to indicate there is some strategy being employed by the offense.  We were unable to confirm what little details we learned about this book, but my understanding is the red pages are passes, and the green pages could be DeSean Jackson reverses.

Sadly, our photo journalist was never heard from again.

Note: Not really.  Photos were taken by Kim on her family's tour of the NovaCare Complex.  Not sure how they pulled that one off, but good to see they made it out alive.

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