So That's What Mike Kafka Looks Like


Yep. The NFL lockout is still clearly in place. No organized professional football is in our immediate future. But you know what? That just means we get to see guys we'd typically never see get in front of a television camera and talk about playing catch.

I watched the below video of Eagles (currently) third-string QB Mike Kafka and the first thing I thought to myself was, "So that's what Mike Kafka looks like?" Seriously, with Vick or Kolb around, why would anyone put a camera in front of the third stringer's face. But with Vick and Kolb both out of town currently, Kafka led a number of players, including Shady McCoy, in some informal workouts on Thursday.

Sounds like he has his head on his shoulders at least, saying all the right things, can only worry about and prepare himself, etc.

These are the lockout crumbs we are left to deal with...

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