The First Couple of Philadelphia


I'm not sure we can ask for much more from Chase Utley, both as an athlete and as a Philadelphia public figure. He's a perennial MVP candidate, far and away the best in baseball at his position, and he's also already made a name for himself as a charitable person in the local community. The ladies think he's "easy to look at" too. His wife Jennifer shares many of his qualities, leading the way on the couple's charity efforts, as detailed by the Stu Bykofsky of the Daily News and Meech this morning. Rather than just writing checks, the Utleys are dedicating their time and doing a lot to increase awareness of the SPCA's efforts and needs, as illustrated by this DN cover with some kitties.

I'm more of a dog person, generally believing that cats are evil and on this earth mostly to aggravate the allergies of the innocent. But anything the Chase and Jen like can't be all bad I guess.

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