Tony DiLeo Round 2


The Sixers picked the perfect time to fire a coach, because the first four games on the schedule offered the new guy a parachute for a gentle landing into his new role.  The DiLeo led club stormed past four-win Washington on Saturday, and tonight they host the mediocre Milwaukee Bucks.

Tony DiLeo doesn't appear to be a long term candidate for the job, so it will be interesting to see if he is able to turn things around.  There is a plenty of talent there, but it seems like he's just there to figure out which pieces need to be moved.  That doesn't necessarily bode well for the rest of this season.

Besides looking to correct their early woes, another possible storyline to follow is Bucks SG Michael Redd.  The Sixers desperately need to add a perimeter presence if they ever intend to compete for a championship, and Redd could be that guy.  Are the Bucks interested in trading the All Star?  Maybe and maybe not, and the Sixers might not even have the guns to pull off such a deal, but you know they are looking to make something happen.

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