“V” for Villanova, “V” for Vandalism


Ah, the college years. That carefree stage in a young man's life filled with limitless adventure and possibility. Not to mention breaking, entering and theft of stadium property.

Making myself and countless other alumni proud, five Villanova students were nicked after breaking into Lincoln Financial Field and... let's say, "borrowing" a few things. According to the article in today's philly.com, a five-foot tall sign from a concession stand was found inside -- what else? -- a black 2000 BMW X5 sports-utility vehicle, while one spectator seat was unbolted and left outside the stadium.

The missing seat came from Section 108, Row 30, Seat 1. (Maybe its owner should get a prize or something.) Nice job, dummies.

At least the perpetrators were sober, being underage, and had the presence of mind not to resist arrest. Next time, boys, leave these sort of shenanigans to proper criminals. Like St. Joe's students.

BallHype - "V" for Villanova, "V" for Vandalism

5 'Nova Students Caught Stealing From Lincoln Financial Field [philly.com]

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