Carson Wentz's 2018 Dodge Challenger is up for sale


Carson Wentz is a man of many vehicles, including a bunch of very weird and wild outdoor contraptions like ATVs and Bobcat Tractors, but he has to drive (relatively) normal cars around South Jersey and South Philly.

Enter Barbera Autoland of Northeast Philly, which put a 2018 army green (can we maybe call it midnight green?) Challenger SRT Demon Coupe up for sale this weekend, with an extra selling point: the car comes from Wentz himself.

It comes with a neon green subwoofer/speaker system in the trunk, and an Eagles-themed No. 11 stitched into the driver's seat headrest, along with Wentz's signature:

It's extremely gaudy in all the ways you wouldn't expect from Wentz, which sort of makes it funnier.

Right now, Barbera's website lists the sale price at a cool $149,984 — which is a $6,016 discount! — with a portion of the proceeds going to Wentz's AO1 Foundation.

One of the most exciting parts of buying this car? The new owner will be able to pass a crucial milestone on the odometer. It's been driven 3,689 miles so far, which means the new owner can watch the number roll to 4,133 and remember, for one blissful mile, that the Eagles beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

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