Eagles Mailbag: Mark Sanchez, Jason Peters, long balls


The Eagles have a chance to claw their way back to a .500 record this Sunday afternoon when they take on the Bucs at the Linc. 

They're coming off a brutal 20-19 loss to the Dolphins at home after they had a 16-3 lead in the first half. 

Without wasting any more time, let's jump into your questions in this week's mailbag: 


I'm assuming this question is about a report from Fox29's Howard Eskin that Chip Kelly wanted Jason Peters to be a backup last week but Peters refused. Members of the team refuted that report this week. 

I don't think Kelly has "lost the locker room." If anything, this just shows the Peters' situation is a very fluid one. This week, Kelly didn't even know Peters was going to practice on Thursday. He told us as much, then Peters showed up inside the bubble with a helmet. Lane Johnson didn't know Peters was going to practice either. 

It might sound like I'm avoiding the question but it really is a combination of everything. 

But you're right, the Eagles have 49 passing plays of 15-plus yards this season, which ranks them 24th out of 32 teams. 

The quarterback play hasn't been great this season. Sam Bradford had played better lately until getting knocked out of the last game but he hasn't thrown many deep balls. A lot of that has to do with the offensive line. If he doesn't have time in the pocket, the play doesn't have time to develop. 

Sure, Kelly deserves some blame. His play-calling has been suspect at times this season. 

I think we have to pin a large portion of the blame on the wide receivers, though. The outside guys have been bad this year. Riley Cooper, Miles Austin, Josh Huff and Nelson Agholor haven't been getting enough separation and Bradford doesn't (and shouldn't) have enough confidence in them to throw up 50-50 balls. 


If Sanchez played well and the Eagles win the next two games, I think there's a chance the team sticks with him. If he brings a new dynamic to the offense with the threat of him keeping some of those read plays, it's hard to then lose that. 

Bradford and the Eagles didn't agree on a long-term contract at the beginning of the season so he doesn't have that to fall back on. 

No, I don't think Sanchez is "the guy" for this team long-term but if he gives them the best chance to make it to the playoffs, they should stick with him. 

It's tough to see into the future and I really don't know. 

Here's what I do think: the Eagles will try to bring in a young quarterback with a skillset that fits better with Kelly's system. That could be a player from the draft, it could be a guy in Washington who has been demoted to third-string. 

Either way, I think it would be ideal to have a young guy come in and start the season with Sanchez or Bradford (if they re-sign him) and groom a young quarterback to take over the offense. 

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