Hugh Douglas boldly – and jokingly – states case for top 5 Eagles D-linemen


The Eagles continued their busy offseason Monday by inking Fletcher Cox to a six-year, $103 million contact extension (see story).

With his new deal, Cox has a chance to cement himself among the all-time great defensive linemen in Eagles history, which got Derrick Gunn and Reuben Frank thinking about the topic during Quick Slants on Tuesday.

Both Gunn and Frank listed Reggie White, Clyde Simmons and Jerome Brown as their top three in that order, but Gunn had Hugh Douglas and Trent Cole fourth and fifth, respectively, while Frank had the opposite.

To break the so-called "tie" in the rankings, Douglas joined the show via phone to defend his spot among the franchise's best D-linemen, and he wasted no time stating his case.

"C'mon, man! Without a question I was better [than Cole] at playing the run," Douglas said.

"Roob, it wasn't like I couldn't play the run. I didn't wanna play the run. That's a big difference," joked Douglas, who racked up 54½ sacks over six seasons with the Eagles.

The case for Cole's edging Douglas on the list can be made, however. In 10 seasons with the Eagles, Cole totaled 88½ sacks and posted double-digit sacks in four different seasons.

The debate was definitely worth being open, but Douglas came on the show ready and closed the argument with one simple statement.

"[The Eagles] didn't start winning playoff games until I got there, though," he added. "That's a fact."

For the full debate, check out the video above.

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