Nick Foles gives incredible answer on his unwavering faith in god


Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles has seen his share of ups and downs throughout his career in the NFL.

Fans in Philadelphia know the story of his journey well. From almost quitting football to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy with the Eagles, Nick has kept one thing constant in his life: his trust in god.

His career in Jacksonville got off to an extremely tough start when he went down with a serious collarbone injury that has kept him out most of this season.

Foles is set to take back his starting job on Sunday from Gardner Minshew and was asked at his press conference this week if he ever had any doubts creep in during Minshew Mania.

Nick's answer revolved almost entirely around his faith.

"No. Right when I felt this thing break, that's when I went into the locker room and I realized, 'god, this wasn't exactly what I was thinking. Obviously, you get here and you want to create a culture and impact people. But at the end of the day, if this is the journey you want me to go on, I'm going to glorify you in every action, good or bad.' I still could have joy in an injury. People hear that and say that's crazy, but when you believe in Jesus. You go out there and you play, that changes your heart," Foles said.

He put the high of winning the Super Bowl right along with the low of injuring his collarbone.

"Just like when I hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, the reason I'm smiling, my faith was in Christ. In that moment, I realized I didn't need that trophy to define who I was because it was already in Christ. That's my message when I played. Same thing happens when I get injured. We tend to make this so much about us as human beings. It's not about us. If you make it about yourself, you're probably going to go home at night and lay your head on your pillow and be very alone and very sad."

"Our purpose isn't football. It's impacting people. My ministry happens to be the locker room. I've still been able to get to know these guys through an injury."

"From a spiritual perspective, I've been able to grow as a human being. I feel like I'm at a better situation as a person than I was before because of the trial I just went under. I know that's a sermon in itself but that's how I go through life. It's not always about prosperity. I don’t believe in the prosperity gospel. I believe if you read the word of god and you understand it, there’s trials along the way but they equip your heart to be who you are."

It's heartfelt answers like this, along with a Lombardi Trophy obviously, that made Foles a beloved figure in Philadelphia. Expect the City of Brotherly Love to be pulling for him and his Jaguars on Sunday to help facilitate yet another city falling in love with Foles.

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