Andy Reid wishes Donovan and TO would squash beef


Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens have spent the last 16 years involved in drama that doesn’t seem like it will ever end.

Their former coach wishes it would.

Just a few days before his Chiefs will play in Super Bowl LV, Andy Reid on Thursday was asked about TO and brought up TO’s relationship with McNabb on his own.

“Things happen in this business, man, and I’m not a grudge holder, I’ve never been that way,” Reid said on Thursday. “I’ve talked with him. I’m close with Donovan, I’m close with him. My wish would be that those two just bring it back together.”

McNabb and Owens formed a dynamic pair in Philly but their time together was short-lived. After the Super Bowl season in 2004, Owens was suspended halfway through the 2005 season and never suited up for the Eagles again.

In recent years, McNabb has called Owens a distraction and blamed him for breaking up the team. Owens has accused McNabb of being jealous of him and going to bat for Brian Westbrook and not him when he wanted a new contract.

It’s never-ending and the saga got a new chapter just a couple months ago, when TO alleged that McNabb was out drinking the night before the Super Bowl XXXIX.

During an episode of Untold Stories with Master Tesfatsion, Owens said he once tried to reconcile with McNabb but called him “phony.” Owens said he thought the two had “squashed” the beef with McNabb until McNabb was on the same show in January of 2020 and blamed Owens for breaking up the team.

When you think back at those Eagles teams, it makes you wonder how much McNabb and Owens could have accomplished together had it worked long-term. In their 22 games together, Owens caught 133 passes for 2,085 yards and 20 touchdowns.

“[Owens] and Donovan had something really special and wherever it is today it is,” Reid said. “But that was a special connection. I saw it when they were playing in the Pro Bowls. There was something. They just needed to look at each other and they had this connection and they carried that over to just have a fantastic year in Philadelphia the year we went to the Super Bowl. I try to remember the good times. There were so many good times and I focus on that.”

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