Bears reportedly never made an offer for Carson Wentz


The Eagles traded Carson Wentz on Thursday to Indianapolis, which ended up being the only serious landing spot option.

Apparently, the Bears never even made an offer, according to a report from Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer:

While the Bears never made an official offer, league sources did indicate to NBC Sports Philadelphia that the Bears along with the Colts were the two teams that showed the most serious interest in Wentz over the last few weeks. Apparently for the Bears, it never led to an official offer and the sense here is that their interest in Wentz waned more recently.

If the Bears didn’t make an official offer, it could be perhaps because of a fear of trading for a QB who didn’t really want to be there. Wentz reportedly preferred Indianapolis as a destination (rightfully so), so you could understand how it got steered in that direction.

For what it’s worth, the Eagles weren’t going to take any less in compensation to make Wentz happy about his landing spot, a source told NBC Sports Philadelphia. And there weren’t definite trade demands. Even if it came to that, the Eagles weren’t going to let Wentz openly dictate his landing spot. But sometimes perception does that on its own.

Eventually, the Eagles determined a need to trade Wentz and then simply took the best they could get.

The Eagles’ ultimate compensation from the Colts is somewhat underwhelming — a 2021 third-rounder and a 2022 conditional second-rounder — but that’s more indicative of the market for Wentz. The Eagles went into trade negotiations without any real expectations for that market because of Wentz’s divisive career. While his ceiling might be high, opinions on Wentz are definitely split around the league.

It appears that not enough teams thought he was a quarterback worth the price to drive up his value. The Eagles were really left with one option and they took it.

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