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Davis explains his ‘biggest culture shock' in Philly


Eagles rookie Jordan Davis has only been a Philly athlete for a month and a half, but he's quickly proving he's one of the city's most vibrant personalities.

Davis likes to crack jokes in press conferences, he's constantly smiling, and he... apparently needs a little help navigating the city.

The first-round pick jumped on former Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long's Green Light podcast this week to chat about a number of things - Greek mythology, Philly cheesesteaks, and much more - in a brief-but-excellent conversation. The full thing is worth a listen.

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But the funniest moment occurred when Long asked Davis whether he'd made any major purchases since getting drafted and signing his first-ever NFL deal in May, which included a nearly-$10 million signing bonus.

Davis said he's looking for a place to live, and explained that he's been considering things like tolls if he chooses to live in New Jersey.

And that driving talk led to Davis revealing his biggest adjustment from the Peach State to the Delaware Valley:

"I'll tell you what the biggest culture shock for me was, it was the no turn on red. Coming from the South, you pull up to a light, you can make a right turn and you're like, 'Alright, boom,' and keep it pushing. But it's like, you're just sitting here - and not to incriminate myself or anything but I've made a couple mistakes, I turn right on red and I'm like, 'Ooooh, I just seen the sign.'"

To anyone from the PPA reading this blog: don't even think about it.

I love this from Davis. The culture shock wasn't that folks in the Northeast are gruff, it wasn't that you can't find a good biscuit, it wasn't anything like that: it was traffic laws.

What an answer.

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As someone who spent a year living in Georgia, I can absolutely confirm that those drivers are not about waiting. They are leaving that intersection as soon as humanly possible.

Every time Davis talks, I can't help myself from stopping and listening. He's such a great personality to have on the team.

Oh, and if you were wondering what Davis had to say about cheesesteaks? He says he's tried Tony Luke's and Dalessandro's so far, but he thinks the Eagles' facility makes the best cheesesteak in the city.

"I would say that's the best-kept secret in Philly, the facility cheesesteaks," Davis said. "If you have a connect in the building, man... it's insane."

Watch out, Craig LaBan.

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