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Eagles fans can't decide if they like Carson Wentz trade


After weeks of drama, Carson Wentz was finally traded Thursday to the Colts for a package of draft picks in the next two NFL drafts.

Some Eagles fans seemed relieved that the back-and-forth is over, others seemed reluctant to watch the former face of the franchise depart, but everyone had something to say.

At first, it was general reaction to the move actually being real after so much speculation:

Then, as the details started trickling in, fans didn't seem very pleased with Howie Roseman's return from the Colts:

But as more details emerged around the conditions on the draft picks, a few changed their tune:

Some former Wentz teammates also chimed in:

The Colts can be a very good football team in 2021. If Wentz has a great first year in Indianapolis, it's going to be pure chaos across the Philadelphia sports fan landscape.

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