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Former Colts All-Pro already done with Wentz


The Carson Wentz trade has worked out pretty well for the Eagles. The Indianapolis Colts ... not so much.

The Eagles got themselves a 2022 first-round pick out of it, and a 2021 third-round pick they used to move up to select DeVonta Smith. 

The Colts, a virtual lock for the postseason two weeks ago, spit the bit in a major way with a walk-off loss to the Raiders at home, and an absolute dead-fish performance to the Jaguars, who finished the season with the NFL’s worst record.

Now it sounds like the team, and at least one notable alum, is suffering from a clear case of buyer’s remorse.

This week, Colts HC Frank Reich was noncommittal when asked if Wentz would be the starter next season, and Tuesday, former Colts All-Pro center Jeff Saturday says he’s done with the former Eagle.

He was asked if he believes Indy will consider moving on from Wentz during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take:

“Yeah, I think they do… For what you brought him in for – you think about the [Week 8] Titans loss, the moments that were in the grasp of the team to win, and he doesn’t make enough plays. Consistently throughout the season when the moments mattered most, he really didn’t step up and do things that you would expect that type of quarterback and that type of investment to make.”

“This is not just an indictment on Carson Wentz… when you ask an organization to take on a player like Carson Wentz, there has to be a huge upside… When the moments matter most, that can not be a position that you’re concerned about. He doesn’t have to carry you all season, but man, you gotta have him in certain moments to put the team on his back and carry that. He did not do that at any point in my opinion. I think if you’re the Colts, you’re looking for the next person to do that.”

Saturday is dealing in absolutes here, but his point is well-taken. Wentz did have some great moments this past season, and he had some head-shakers. They didn’t ask him to do a whole lot this season, but with a running back like Jonathan Taylor, I wouldn’t either.

All that said, no matter who your running back is, there are times you need your QB to drag the offense across the finish line. This season, Wentz failed to do that. While I’m not sure it’s time for the Colts to cut bait, Wentz’s leash is a lot shorter than it was when he got there.

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