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Kelce's one regret from Eagles' Super Bowl win


Four years ago today was the pinnacle of the Eagles franchise, winning Super Bowl LII over Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.

That night, and a few days later at the Super Bowl Parade, Eagles center Jason Kelce gave Eagles fans indelible memories of his emotions after becoming a Super Bowl champion.

Kelce was a guest on the WIP Midday Show Friday, and was asked about the events that immediately followed the win in Minneapolis over the Patriots. But instead of giving fans a funny story or two about that night, he shared the one thing he would have done differently about the night of the game.

“One of the biggest regrets I have – and we talked about this as a team – after the Super Bowl, you can’t be mad, right? It’s awesome, you’re at the Super Bowl party, you’re celebrating with your teammates, friends and family… I really wish, after the Super Bowl, we would’ve had a jet ready to go, gotten on that thing, and gotten right back onto Broad Street. I think that would’ve been just spectacular, to celebrate it that way.”

“Seeing those pictures and videos on Broad Street, that’s what made me think, ‘Man! That would be so cool if we could’ve been there during that! Like, that would be awesome. So, the next time the Eagles win the Super Bowl I hope they could find a way to make that happen, because that would be spectacular.”

Oh man. Think about how crazy things were all over the city of Philadelphia in the hours that followed that game. The bedlam on Broad Street, the frenzy on Frankford and Cottman.

Imagine the ridiculousness if Jason Kelce – or Fletcher Cox, or Brandon Graham, or Lane Johnson – happened to join the biggest party this city has ever seen.

Fans were already losing their minds at that point. If they looked up and saw the players partying right along with them… it staggers the imagination.

Let it be known that Kelce has drawn up the plans for Jeffrey Lurie for the next time the Eagles win it all. Gas up the jet, let’s go home and celebrate with the people.

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