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Minshew's postgame moment with dad is hilarious, perfect


From player entrances all the way to the parking lot post-game on Sunday, Gardner Minshew put on an absolute show for Eagles fans in his debut as the team's starting quarterback.

And while the touchdowns to Dallas Goedert were great, as were the third down conversions and the win, the best part of Minshew's day absolutely came after the final whistle.

On his way out of the stadium Minshew managed to finally find his father, Flint Minshew, and their embrace and ensuing celebration was an all-time awesome moment.

Just look at the flood of emotions Minshew goes through in a 36-second span:

0:00-0:07: Fired up to the point of punching his dad's fist, multiple bear hugs, and a hilarious real-life representation of the smoke-coming-out-of-nose emoji

0:08-0:26: Just so happy to see his dad and enjoy this moment after a great game

0:27-0:30: FIRED UP AGAIN

0:31-0:36: Whew, that was a lot of emotion. Good game huh

Between his fashion-fueled persona, his football talent, and his obvious high-emotion personality, the guy is just a one-man entertainment factory.

I loved this quote from Minshew after the game, via NBC Sports Philadelphia's Dave Zangaro:

"'It felt so good, man,' Minshew said. 'It's the best time I had since Week 1 of last year. There's nothing like that feeling. Glad to do it with this group of guys. They made it easy for me. So, it was a lot, a lot of fun.'"

That's the good stuff. We take football so seriously that sometimes you need to remember to slow down and have a little fun. Minshew's perfect for that.

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