Reagor goes at angry Eagles fans in now-deleted tweets


Eagles fans everywhere are stewing Monday after a third straight disappointing game to start the 2020 NFL season. The Birds are 0-2-1 after tying the Bengals, of all teams.

This isn't the start anyone was looking for, and fingers are being pointed at Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson, Howie Roseman, along with plenty of other names up and down the roster.

It seems rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor doesn't appreciate fans criticizing the team.

Reagor, who didn't play in Week 3 and is expected to miss multiple weeks with a thumb injury, took to Twitter on Monday afternoon with two quick messages for Eagles fans.

First, Reagor fired off this message, which would appear to be directed at Eagles fans who are unhappy with the team:

Three minutes later, he sent out this tweet, seemingly extending an olive branch in case folks didn't appreciate his first message:

He then deleted both tweets.

It's hard to blame Reagor for being frustrated; I'll bet the 21-year-old didn't see the first month of his rookie regular season going this badly. It's never fun to lose, and it's doubly painful to see your teammates and coaches slammed after losses.

But he's also new to Philadelphia, a city where fans are going to demand better play when they're being given a poor product, and not back down. It's why the highs are so high; just ask every member of the Super Bowl team. 

Reagor's tweet is reminiscent of Sixers star Ben Simmons' comments during the Sixers' 2019 playoff run, when he told booing fans to "stay on that side" after a frustrating Game 1 loss to the Nets.

Simmons received plenty of backlash for the comments, and eventually learned his lesson and leaned into fans' booing this season, because that's what happens when you play in Philadelphia.

For Reagor, fans aren't even in the Linc this year but they're still getting to the rook. He'll probably want to keep these kinds of comments to himself, even if it's understandable to feel this way. It just doesn't play in Philadelphia.

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