Report: Teams inquire about moving back NFL trade deadline


The buzz around the NFL trade deadline continues as multiple teams reportedly reached out to the NFL this past week to inquire about pushing back the deadline for future seasons. 

This news, reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, comes days after the busiest trade deadline in NFL history, featuring a record 10 day-of deals. 

Per Schefter, teams proposed pushing back the deadline from the current benchmark of Week 8 to either Week 10 or Week 12. The conversation is expected to continue at the NFL’s general managers meetings later this month and could eventually evolve into a vote at the owners meeting in the spring. 

A decade ago, the NFL moved the deadline from Week 6 to Week 8. At the time, there was already a movement to push it back even further, but owners were hesitant to make such a drastic change.

Not only would the additional two -- or four -- weeks ensure more transitions are made, but they’d be made with a better sense of the playoff picture.

This potential postponement is the latest in a trend of league changes that strive to increase activity and respond to the momentum of teams’ requests. These recent changes include expanding practice squads and changing the rules about injury reserve.

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