Schefter says people have ‘misconstrued' his report about Wentz


ESPN reporter Adam Schefter says some folks have “misconstrued” his report about Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz on Sunday.

Schefter on Sunday reported that Wentz was not interested in being the Eagles’ backup next season and was “not pleased with the way events have unfolded in the organization.”

That report has led to some bashing of Wentz that might not be fair.

On 97.5 TheFanatic on Wednesday morning, Schefter clearly wanted to make a few main points:

1. The report was mostly common sense

2. The information did not come from Wentz nor his agents

3. Wentz has publicly been very supportive of Jalen Hurts and the Eagles

“A lot of people, again, have completely taken this out of context and misconstrued it. OK? Let’s be very clear about the story,” Schefter said. “And we can go paragraph by paragraph, there is nothing in the story that is incorrect. Zero. It is all 100% accurate. And there are people who are stretching it into certain things. No. 1, Carson Wentz has been a good teammate, he’s been supportive, he hasn’t publicly pouted, he hasn’t done any of that. But the fact the remains as I wrote on Sunday, he is not interested in being a backup quarterback and would want to move on from the Eagles if the current situation existed. That’s a fact, OK? Doesn’t want to be a backup. Hasn’t complained about it publicly.

“Oh well, how do you know? Again, that’s my job. My job is to talk to people. Carson Wentz didn’t tell this to me. His agents didn’t tell this to me. You talk to people and then you go back and you check and you get certain things, that’s my job. Said again, in the story, although the Eagles’ quarterback situation remains fluid with two games left, Wentz is not pleased with the way events have unfolded in the organization. True! True! Wasn’t happy they picked a quarterback in the second round — and by the way, you didn’t hear him talk publicly about it like a guy like Aaron Rodgers did. OK? He handled his business privately. That’s the way it goes; doesn’t mean he’s happy.”

The Eagles have repeatedly said that Wentz has been a good teammate since getting benched for Hurts and we really have no reason to not take their word for it. On the sideline Sunday, Wentz seemed supportive and helpful with Hurts, although it’s also fair to point out that we all know when the cameras are rolling.

It seems like Schefter is kind of right. Most of this was common sense. Of course Wentz doesn’t want to be a backup but the ESPN report never said he wouldn’t compete for a job. As far as the report dropping on a Sunday, that’s the reporter’s decision.

“Again, it’s all common sense,” Schefter said. “That’s really what the story is. It’s not anything else. Which is he’s not happy he’s playing backup. He’s playing the good soldier, he’s being supportive, he’s not publicly complaining. But it doesn’t change the fact of how he feels. And he doesn’t want to be a backup quarterback. Who does? If he wanted to be a backup, you would question the mental makeup of the man himself. Again, that was the story. Somehow that got turned into Carson Wentz is selfish, how can he speak out before the game? How could he say this? How could he think this? How could he do this?”

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