Sirianni responds to press conference reaction


A new job can be nerve-wracking and that looks to be the case for new Eagles coach Nick Sirianni. If you were following along on Twitter during his introductory press conference on Friday, you'd have seen some fiery hot takes about Sirianni, who seemed to be a bit anxious addressing Eagles media for the first time.

Making things even more awkward was that he was doing so virtually, talking to a group of people online while simultaneously standing in an empty room.

NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark caught up with Sirianni and asked him about the presser jitters and the ensuing fan reaction.

"I've got to look at the tape," Sirianni says partially in jest. "And sure... just like when you're going to have a game, right, there's going to be calls that you want back and there's going to be calls that you said, 'Man, that was a good call.'

"What do we do? We go back, we look at the tape and the most important thing is that you try to get better each day over and over and over again and the next time you're out."

Despite how he may have come off during his first public outing as the head coach of the Eagles, it's welcoming to see that Sirianni is self-aware enough about the situation and possesses enough humility to cast a stray joke about it.

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