Watch: Cowboys fan strolls through Walmart on horseback after win


One Dallas Cowboys fan was on his high horse following Sunday’s win.


A Cowboys fan was captured casually strolling through an Arlington, Texas, Walmart on horseback after the team’s Week 2 win over the reigning AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals.

In a video posted to social media, a man wearing a Dak Prescott jersey and a cowboy hat is seen riding a horse with a unicorn-like horn and blue-colored hair in the store. He even remained on horseback when purchasing a bucket.

You truly see something new every day.

The fan actually has something in common with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones beyond their shared passion for America’s Team. When asked about the odd scene during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Jones said he’s also ridden a horse inside before. 

“I’ve literally been on a horse inside before,” Jones said. “It’s a dicey thing because if that horse gets to slipping and sliding and kicking, it’s a mess.”

The Arlington city ordinance says it’s illegal to ride a horse on private property without the consent of the owner. But a police spokesman told The Dallas Morning News that the fan didn't commit any criminal offense as long as he was not specifically told to leave. The Dallas Morning News also reported that dispatchers received no calls regarding the incident.

The Cowboys next have a showdown with the NFC East rival New York Giants on Monday Night Football. Will the fan and his horse go for another victory lap should Dallas come out on top?

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