What was Carson Wentz wearing after the Dallas game?


After laying maybe the biggest stinker of his career in a season full of disappointments, Carson Wentz spoke to reporters following the Cowboys game. He continually harped on the fact that he needed to "be better." Wentz needs to be better on the field for sure, but he also needs to be better off it with his outrageous fashion choices.

Here's what Wentz was rocking after the Birds' win over Dallas:

What... what is he wearing?

Those clothes look like Wentz's mother handmade them for him. They appear to be the uniform of a North Dakota rancher. Wentz looks like an extra in the A24 film First Cow. Wentz might be the owner of an old-timey saloon as a host in Westworld. This is someone's idea of streetwear when they've never been in a city or town with more than 500 people in it.

Listen, I'm not trying to go all Jeff Garcia/Cam Newton here, but it looks like Wentz's name would be W. Cameron Newton III (he doesn't go by his first name Wendell because his father does).

With calls of fans and media members alike to bench Wentz during his disastrous outing in Week 8, it's really a tale of two quarterbacks between the North Dakota native and the Eagles' rookie QB2:

Jalen Hurts is pulling off a Boobie Miles jersey and Air Jordan 1s. Wentz is dressed like a Daniel Day-Lewis character.

Wentz cannot swim in this "drip or drown" segment, but there is one silver lining for him. Colin Cowherd can't criticize him for wearing his hat frontwards or backwards when he's donning a fedora.

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