Why the Eagles shouldn't rush to trade Carson Wentz


All signs point to the Eagles trading Carson Wentz, sooner rather than later. There have been reports in recent days stating they could trade Wentz “in the coming days.”
What’s the rush?

As of right now, the only tangible (read: cash outlay) deadline the Eagles face in trading their QB is March 19, the third day of the new league year. That’s when Wentz earns a $10 million roster bonus from whichever team employs him. I’d imagine the Eagles would want to move him to avoid paying an eight figure sum to a guy they’re looking to send somewhere else.

Besides the roster bonus, there’s no real urgency to trade him. But there is incentive to keep him as long as possible.

They have very little leverage with any team looking to acquire Wentz now. With each passing day, if other moves are made involving QBs – there is no shortage of teams re-evaluating that position – front offices could entertain the thoughts of having Wentz in their offense, even after his 2020 dropoff.

Wentz has shown in four of his five NFL seasons that he’s in the upper echelon of signal-callers in the league, and that shouldn’t be lost on GMs. It’s an expensive chance to take, but if a franchise has faith Wentz can find his true form, and faith in their own coaching staff to help him do it, he’s certainly worth a look. 

Also, many reports as of today point to the Bears and the Colts as the two main teams kicking the tires on a potential Wentz deal. Letting things breathe a bit could add one or two (or more) teams to that mix. The more teams in the running, the higher the demand, the more the Eagles could get in return.

Two teams in a bidding war is good. Four or five teams in a bidding war is better for business. And as the music stops, and a handful of quarterbacks jump teams, some teams in the market could find themselves still looking.

And who knows? Opportunity could knock at any moment. Remember in 2016, when the Eagles were prepared to start the season with Sam Bradford as starter, with Wentz as the backup?

Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater went down late in training camp with a knee injury, and Howie Roseman flipped Bradford to Minnesota for a first-round pick and a fourth-round pick.

The odds are against something similar happening over the next few weeks, but slow-playing this trade could benefit the Eagles.

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