QB Nate Sudfeld makes ‘very tough call' to join Eagles, leave Redskins


After the Eagles drafted Carson Wentz last year, they messaged some of the other quarterbacks in the 2016 draft and wished them luck.

One of those guys was Nate Sudfeld.

“I had a formal interview (with the Eagles) at the combine and I got to know Coach (Frank) Reich and (quarterbacks coach John) DeFilippo ... Coach Flip ... I still can’t pronounce his name very well," Sudfeld said.

"Got to know them pretty well in the draft process. Obviously they drafted Carson, but they still texted me and said, 'Hey good luck, you’re going to have a great career.' They always kind of seemed to be interested and have my back."

They're still interested. 

The Eagles snatched Sudfeld from the Redskins on Sunday, signing him to their practice squad a day after the Redskins released him and then tried to re-sign him to their practice squad.

Sudfeld spent all of last year on the Redskins' active roster and expected to be back in Washington this year. But when the Redskins cut him, Sudfeld had to re-think everything.

"It was a very tough call," he said. "Honestly, it was really sad leaving someplace where you make so many friendships and relationships. I love the coaches, I love everyone there. I just talked to my agent, talked to my family (and) just felt like this was the best decision for myself and really excited for the opportunity.

"It's tough because I have nothing but love for everyone over there. It’s just sad always to move on. It’s still pretty fresh. The equipment guys, the chefs, the lady at the front desk, everything like that. It’s really tough. 

"Being there all last year on the roster. I really love my time there and really appreciative of my time there."

So why is he here?

Sudfeld clearly believes he has a better opportunity to develop behind Wentz and Nick Foles and under this coaching staff than behind Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy in Washington.

"I just felt like some new scenery and a different thing was the right thing at the right time," he said.

"It's a great spot for me to develop and continue to get reps and improve as a player. I'm trying to have a long career in the NFL. Everybody wants to play — as a quarterback especially — till their late 30s. 

"I'm trying not to get too overwhelmed with the 'now,' because I'm a 23-year-old guy. I was one of the youngest guys on the Redskins team, and I just have to do what’s right for me at the time and not be selfish or look into the future. Just what’s going to make me the best quarterback in the long run."

Sudfeld, a sixth-round pick out of Indiana last year, played well both last year and this year in the preseason. 

He combined to complete 61 of 109 passes (56 percent) for 598 yards with three TDs and no interceptions in six preseason games over the last two summers. 

And he did not expect to be released.

"Honestly, I was a little surprised," he said. "But I don’t want to say I didn’t go (back) there because it was ill will or anything. But I was a little surprised. But it is what it is. It’s a business. More and more teams are going with two quarterbacks.

"When they released me they said this was no indictment of you, we don't think any less of you, we just have some needs on defense, whatever that means. 

"I don't know. Who knows. It's a crazy league. Who knows how everything shakes out in a year or 10 years if I'm playing that long. I don't feel like any bridges are burned or anything. I still have a lot of love for everyone over there."

Obviously, the Eagles face Sudfeld's former team in five days in the season opener at FedEx Field.

Could the Eagles have acquired Sudfeld to pick his brain about the Redskins' offense?

"I think that's overrated," he said. "I haven’t really talked to anybody about the Redskins."

Then he paused and said, "Yet."

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