Sam Bradford finally explains his extra long jersey sleeves


We learned a few new things from Sam Bradford playing Quick 6 on Philly Sports Talk this evening after his new contract press conference earlier in the day.

For instance, Bradford was a pretty good basketball player and even played AAU ball with L.A. Clippers' star Blake Griffin. Sam likes to golf at Merion and Pine Valley. He used to enjoy hockey but hasn't played hockey in over a decade.

He played the cello growing up and doesn't have a particularly interesting pre-game routine.

But by far the most interesting thing touched on were his SLEEVES.

Michael Barkann asked the ever-important question about his long jersey sleeves.

"I just don't like to feel restricted," Bradford said of his sleeves being loose. "I don't really know why they're that big but I just don't really like them touching my arms. I don't know, I'm just kind of weird about it."

Sammy Sleeves, not going anywhere anytime soon.

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