Security at Mall of America threatening to kick Eagles fans out over chants



Those six letters, that one word, echo throughout the halls of the largest mall in America every few minutes or so, but security has been clamping down on Eagles fans, who have completely taken over the city of Minneapolis and the Mall of America.

After a particularly raucous moment and loud Eagles cheer on Friday afternoon, security was on the case looking for who started the chant. We were told by mall security that fans starting the Eagles cheer would be given a warning before eventually being removed from the establishment for starting the chant.


Additionally, fans at the Mall of America, which has become Super Bowl central this week, are not permitted to wear dog masks while on the premises. These four masked men, who we asked for a photo, indicated that security was watching them to make sure they did not wear the masks anymore in the mall.

After checking the official Mall of America Code of Conduct, wearing masks is strictly prohibited, which we can understand as a security risk, but to stop Eagles fans from chanting is downright wrong.

The Eagles are seeking their first Super Bowl title in their second trip to the big game in the last 13 years and should be allowed to cheer for their team in an appropriate way.

Remember this? Did security tell these Vikings fans to stop cheering last week?

Perhaps there’s a bit of salt still in the wounds of the Minnesota fans, but as long as they’re being peaceful, the Bird Gang should be allowed to cheer until their voices go hoarse.

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