Fame of Flyers mascot Gritty hits ‘Good Morning America'


Thought "Gritty" was some weird dream?

Well, when waking up Tuesday morning, you knew it was real.

That's because the Flyers' new mascot was up bright and early being interviewed on ABC's "Good Morning America" with in-arena host Andrea Helfrich.

A graphic during the segment read: "GMA is getting nitty with 'Gritty.'"

"Gritty is loving it," Helfrich said of all the attention the mascot has drawn since Monday morning's unveiling. "I think, if he could talk, he would say, 'Bring it on.'"

Gritty definitely brought it all on during his first day. His uniqueness — probably the best way to put it — created a buzz throughout the sports and social media world.

His first night on the job at the Wells Fargo Center had some … moments.

Many are still asking: What is Gritty?

The question was asked and answered in the GMA appearance.

Here are some of the sights and sounds as the fame of Gritty is, yes, rising.

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