If MLB wants advertisements on uniforms, here are some local solutions


If the most recently-proposed offer for a Major League Baseball return to play is any indication, we're nearing a big shift for baseball.

Advertisements are probably coming to a uniform near you.

The latest proposal includes an outline for teams adding ads to their uniforms, according to a report from ESPN's Jeff Passan, echoing the NBA's move to jersey ads in 2017.

Per Passan:

The league would donate $10 million to social justice initiatives and teams would be allowed to add advertisements to their uniforms, sources said.

Adding the Nike swoosh to uniforms already caused quite a stir among baseball's "tradition is good" fanbase, so straight-up advertisements will probably anger folks.

But it's really not a big deal. Do you even notice the Stubhub ad on the chest of the Sixers' uniforms? Of course not. It's just another part of the design. When the ads are done well, and the design meshes with the uniform, the addition is no problem at all.

So how should the Phillies handle adding ads to their uniforms?

We came up with a few possible local angles:


The Philly/South Jersey region is known for its undying, sometimes terrifying, devotion to Wawa. Everyone knows this; it's a running joke with no end in sight. So why not lean into it? 

Wawa already has an awesome and simple logo, one of the brand's primary colors is red, and a partnership could include something sort of "Wawa-walk-off" promotion when Bryce Harper hits another second-deck dinger for the win. It's a perfect pairing.

Tony Luke's

Tony Luke's is a South Philly institution, with the original spot located less than three miles from Citizens Bank Park. The cheesesteak giant already sells its steaks at the ballpark, making this a seamless transition from in-park food vendor to uniform sponsor.

Is it maybe too on the nose for a Philly team? And is Tony Luke's maybe too localized for a big-market pro baseball team? Yeah, maybe. But none of that matters, because putting the iconic Tony Luke's logo on a Phillies jersey would be incredible.

Yards Brewing

There are few things more satisfying than enjoying a Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale at a Phillies home win in July. So why not combine one of Philly's most popular breweries with its beloved baseball team? 

The pun opportunities aren't *as* obvious as a partnership with the Eagles, but every time a Phillies player goes yard, you can point to the little ad on the chest of your uniform. It's delightfully cheesy. Plus, beer.


The existence of a Phillies uniform emblazoned with the Tastykake logo might almost be too powerful. It's such strong Philadelphia/South Jersey energy, every uniform would sell out instantly.

If you have to put an advertisement on your uniform, you'd like it to be for something that every fan has an opinion on, and what's more universal in the area than a good Tastykake snack - or a good debate about which Tastykake product reigns supreme?

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