Amazing heartwarming Phils-Braves fan moment goes viral


Sometimes sports are simply a distraction from an otherwise hectic world, and then sometimes they go a little further.

During the Phillies' series-opening loss to the Braves on Friday night, a trio of baseball fans down in Georgia captured our hearts with one of the coolest and most genuine moments you'll see all season long.

During the top of the ninth, a young Phillies fan came just inches away from catching Freddie Freeman's two-run home run in their outfield seats. The ball fell down into the bullpen instead, and after a couple tries to get it to him, the young fan finally wound up with the ball - and some razzing from his father for dropping it. Gotta make the catch!

But the coolest part was yet to come. I'll let you watch the interaction below for yourself:

What an awesome moment from that father, and that son - and then from the young Braves fan who went back and thanked them both for the ball. That's so great.

No one would blame the father and son for keeping the ball after going through all that trouble to secure it. And no one would blame the son for objecting when his father suggested giving it to the young Freeman fan.

But they both went above and beyond to do a really cool thing for a fellow sports fan, because sometimes sports are just awesome.

Turns out the father's name is James Scott, a musician based down in North Carolina:

And Scott and his son won't be empty-handed for long: according to MLB reporter Jon Heyman, the Phils are sending Scott some signed Phillies gear for being the best representation of a Phillies fan the team could ask for.

It looks like the Braves might do something similar, too

All around great moment. More of this stuff, please.

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