How Phillies reportedly stole Turner from Padres


Padres fans were probably sick of the Phillies after Bryce Harper & Co. sent them packing in the NLCS in five games, including a dramatic walk-off rain game dinger from MV3 himself.

If San Diego was hoping for a Philly-free offseason to cleanse its collective palate... I've got bad news for the fanbase.

The Padres' Trea Turner dreams were very real, and they only died because of the Phillies.

MORE: Phillies to sign SS Trea Turner to $300 million contract

Turner, the Phillies' new superstar shorstop, signed an 11-year deal on Tuesday and while it's wild to think about $300 million being a discount that's exactly what his contract is. According to The Athletic's Matt Gelb, the Padres offered more money than the Phillies but Turner opted to join the Phils anyway.

Here's the lowdown from Gelb's great, detailed article on the process of the deal:

"According to sources familiar with the negotiations, Dombrowski had received enough credible intel to know this: The Phillies were not the high bidder for Turner. The two sides had a gap to bridge and, even then, it would be short of the total guaranteed dollars another team had offered.

"That team, multiple sources later revealed as the San Diego Padres, had a legitimate interest; they had met twice with Turner and were armed with an aggressive owner and general manager. 


"The Phillies had a limit to how much they’d offer, but there was enough momentum in the talks to know a match was possible — even if they were outbid.

"The Phillies were reluctant to extend to $300 million until Monday morning. Dombrowski met Berry and presented a new offer. 


"Turner, according to multiple sources, left money on the table. The actual terms of the Padres’ final offer were unclear. California has a higher income tax rate, but San Diego’s offer was believed to be significant enough to offset that."

Man, that's gotta sting.

The Padres have a star-studded nucleus in Manny Machado, Juan Soto, and Fernando Tatis Jr., they have an owner willing to spend beaucoup bucks, and they play in one of the most beloved cities in the country in terms of livability.

And Turner still told 'em to keep the extra cash, because he was joining his boy Bryce in the birthplace of America to play in front of the best fanbase in baseball.

Tough scenes, Pads!

San Diego will of course field a very good and competitive team next year, but you have to look at the Phillies following the Turner deal as one of the absolute favorites to repeat in the National League this year. Their lineup is studded with smooth swings and power, and once Harper returns from his early-season absence following Tommy John surgery the Phillies will be able to roll out a lineup that maybe looks something like this:

6 Turner
4 Stott
0 Harper
7 Schwarber
3 Hoskins
2 Realmuto
5 Bohm
9 Castellanos
8 Marsh

Good luck, MLB.

San Diego has to be furious, thinking about taking two Ls at the hands of the Phils in less than two months' time.

That's what's in.

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