Padres fans perform the worst rap song ever


One of the ubiquitous scenes when teams make a deep playoff run is the local TV live shots, featuring superfans of all shapes, sizes, and colors, displaying their fandom the best way they know how.

Sometimes these are super entertaining, for all the right reasons, and, often, for some wrong reasons.

What happened in San Diego this morning… was not entertaining.

A group of seven middle-aged men appeared on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego, all in Padres gear to perform their hip hop tribute to their favorite baseball team.

My goodness. I’m embarrassed for them. The level of cringe here broke my cringeometer. At what point, at what blood alcohol level, was this idea conceived, and this “song” written?

Guys! Guys! Guys! I just wrote the worst rap ever about the Padres! And you guys can bob back and forth and point in the back while I bust my rhymes!

Moreover, once the song – and let’s not forget the choreography – was assembled, and rehearsed, who thought it was a good idea to share this with anyone? Let alone go find a TV station, and become social media fodder?

I can’t imagine the grief suffered by any of the children of these men. I would absolutely ask my parents to move, or transfer schools, and begin counting the days until I could move far, far away from what happened here today.

I can’t stop watching, and every time, somehow, it gets worse.

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