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Rhys Hoskins reacts to crazy Phillies-Brewers transition video

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The Brewers had one job — just one — to find a way to welcome their newest addition, Rhys Hoskins, to Milwaukee without sending Phillies fans into a tizzy.

And, well, that didn't happen.

Once the news was official that the former Phillies' first baseman was heading to the NL Central club, his new team shared a video to hype up their own fans … but certainly didn't factor in how Phillies fans were going to react.

There are moments that became sacred in sports the minute they happen. You witness greatness and just know from that point on, it will be talked about for years to come. A moment that forever warrants the "Where were you when … ?" question.

For Hoskins, that was his epic bat spike after hitting a three-run homerun off Braves' Spencer Strider in the 2022 NLDS.

Since the news broke that the Big Fella was officially leaving Philly, that highlight has been making its rounds across social media … and rightfully so. It instantly became "the moment" in Hoskins' career. When you look back at his time as a Phillie, that is what you will remember first.

So, when the Brewers decided to share it with their own twist, chaos ensued.

Truly jaw-dropping, if we're being honest.

In retrospect, we know it's not the end of the world — but when you've just lost the heart and soul of the Phillies clubhouse, it stings, okay? (Just look at the responses under the post for further confirmation.)

Hoskins recently spoke for the first time since the signing and was asked about the video. Here's what he had to say:

"There are some pretty talented people with a lot, you know, just with social media and media nowadays. So that was pretty cool to see.

"But I can imagine that there's a new found competitive, you know, reason to be mad at each other or get after each other between Brewers and Phillies fans.

"So, hey, I'm all for the competitiveness. You know, a little fun. A little fun goes a long way with those things."

Philly fans mad? Competitive? Us? Hoskins knows the city he always hopes call home all too well.

The Brewers head to Citizens Bank Park for the first time with their new first baseman June 3-5. Hoskins will surely receive a warm welcome … but as far as the rest of the team (and media team) goes? Not so much.

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