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Brandon Marsh mic'd up is already an all-time highlight for 2024 MLB season

The vibes? Unmatched.

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If there has been a running theme since 2022, it's that the Phillies are genuinely a fun team to root for.

It's reached a point where it drives opposing fans crazy with just how likeable they are. (It's pretty great, honestly.)

Now, 35 games into the 2024 season and the vibes surrounding the club have somehow reached a new level. They're leading the league in wins (24), are sitting first in the NL East, and random games in May at Citizens Bank Park have an energy level that you typically don't see this early in a season.

They're playing well and are having fun while doing it.

In the latest installment of "This Phillies team is simply incredible," we go to Sunday night's win against the Giants. In the top of the third, outfielder Brandon Marsh was mic'd up for the inning on ESPN's broadcast.

Let's just say … it's everything you could want in an interview and then some.

Instead of ruining the reveal, let's just touch on a few highlights:

•His friendship with Alec Bohm
•Some singing (because, of course)
•Who he would want to start a rock band with (while wrapping up the inning in the middle of his answer)


Some of the best sound bites ever came from the ESPN broadcast on Sunday night with Brandon Marsh.

Stay loose and sexy, baby.

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