Ryan Howard's Phillies-themed chicken sandwiches are perfect


Ryan Howard used to feast on pitchers. Now, he’s hoping you’ll chow down on what he’s bringing to the kitchen table.

The former Phillies slugger is part owner of a newly-opened franchise location of Colbie’s Southern Kissed Chicken on route 38 in Mt. Holly, NJ. Also among the stakeholders is celebrity chef Fabio Viviani, so you know there’s a solid chance this chicken will be good.

It’s a fast-food restaurant, which features a drive-thru, as well as indoor and outdoor seating, and currently serves lunch and dinner. They’ll open the breakfast menu next week.

Here’s the fun part. You can walk in and order – wait for it – The Big Piece. It’s a fried chicken breast sandwich (you can opt for grilled chicken as well) with pickles, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and garlic aioli. 

Oh man.

They also have a sandwich called The Flyin’ Hawaiian, obviously an homage to Howard’s former Phillies teammate, Shane Victorino. The Flyin’ Hawaiian chicken sandwich features ham, cheddar, teriyaki sauce, and grilled pineapples.

You can even get what’s called The Glazer, a chicken sandwich with a glazed donut as the bun.

This definitely isn’t for those of us trying to chisel off the “Quarantine 15,” but if you’re looking for some serious comfort food, it sounds like it’s worth a shot.

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