WATCH: Soto's misplay costs Padres vs. Phillies


A day after relying on two blasts from Kyle Schwarber and Bryce Harper to take Game 1 of the NLCS in San Diego, the Phillies opted for a small-ball approach Wednesday to take a lead early in Game 2 over the Padres.

And while a productive second inning featured plenty of good hitting, it also featured one of the funniest errors you'll see all postseason.

With runners on second and third, Matt Vierling came up with one out in the second and Blake Snell on the mound. Vierling proceeded to smack one deep to right field, deep enough to drive Nick Castellanos in on a sacrifice fly... except Padres right fielder Juan Soto absolutely lost the ball in the blazing San Diego sun and turtled as it fell to Earth.

The visual is just incredible:


Please enjoy this Cartoon Network-level freeze frame:

Unsurprisingly, our guys Ben Davis and Ricky Bottalico loved the play from the NBC Sports Philadelphia offices in South Philly:

The Phillies wound up plating four in the inning and ran Snell's pitch count up.

Another incredible inning during an incredible run.

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