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‘You have kept me in the game': Recovering Charlie Manuel thanks doctors, fans

Former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel took to social media to thank his medical team for 'hustling' and fans for 'showing me love'

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Former Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has thanked his medical team and fans after he suffered a stroke while undergoing a medical procedure at a hospital in Florida.

In taking to social media on Tuesday, Manuel thanked the medical team at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center in Lakeland, Fla. for "hustling and being on time."

He also thanked fans for showing him some love.

Manuel, 79, is currently recovering after having suffered a stroke on Saturday while undergoing a medical procedure. Over the weekend, the Phillies organization said that the hospital staff moved quickly to remove a blood clot.

In the past, Manuel has battled several health issues, including a heart attack, quadruple bypass surgery, a blocked and infected colon as well as kidney cancer.

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