The Phillie Phanatic displays proper social distancing at grocery store


In today's episode of the Phillie Phanatic doing normal everyday things, the Phanatic was spotted social distancing while grocery shopping on Tuesday.

Maybe he was out of hot dogs? Needed to pick up a couple cases of microwave popcorn? Or maybe he needed some sour mix for his Cinco de Mayo margaritas? Who knows?

Previously, we've seen the Phanatic at jury duty, but that was in the before times. But the Phanatic at a GIANT grocery store is a perfect sign of the current times. Typically, we'd get excited about seeing the Phanatic riding his 4-wheeler down at the ball park pulling of wacky shenanigans, but now, seeing the Phanatic doing menial things like grocery shopping, perhaps looking for the perfectly ripe tomato, is the highlight of our day, maybe even week.

Obviously, he had to post about the trip to his social media accounts as one does these days. And I'm quite happy to see the Phanatic cover his honker with a mask. He may be a trouble maker but he knows which rules to follow.

Times are hard out there. If you're lucky, maybe you'll see the Phanatic from a safe distance while picking up your tacos at the grocery store.

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