The wonderful and wacky origin story of the Phillie Phanatic


Big and fat, green and fuzzy, and undefinable.

That's what Bill Giles wanted when they created the Phillie Phanatic. I'd say they hit the nail on the head with that one.

Now, you may be confused a bit when you watch the above mini documentary put together by the folks at Sports Illustrated, because we all know the Phanatic came from the Galapagos islands, so the story about how Jim Henson's people created him may be a bit of a head scratcher. Just go with it.

The Phillies had a chance to purchase the rights to the Phanatic's imagery for around $5,000 but initially passed. That was an expensive decision. The team would end up shelling out roughly $500,000 down the road. Still, the best investment the team has ever made, rivaling only Chase Utley's first contract.

It's a fun tale that includes the rivalry with Tommy Lasorda. Plus, special insight from Phillies great Mike Schmidt. 

Like a visit from the Phanatic, it's fun for the whole family. 

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