The World Series afterparty at Pat Burrell's house and 2008 Phillies parade hijinks


These are stories and quotes from the Phillies' 2008 Zoom reunion over the weekend.

This one is about a World Series Game 5 afterparty at Pat Burrell's house and some parade hijinks.

Brad Lidge: "Pat, we had a pretty good time at your place afterward. Kind of a legendary spot. I don't even know what I can say about it. Seemed like just about everybody in the city of Philly and the whole squad was there that night."

Burrell: "The problem was it was supposed to be two nights before. So we ran out of booze two nights later."

Game 5, of course, included a 46-hour rain delay before it resumed in the bottom of the sixth with Geoff Jenkins' deep double, which led to a go-ahead run on the night the Phillies ended a 25-year championship drought in Philadelphia.

Manuel: "Elvis (Burrell's bulldog) even got drunk, didn't he?" (laughs)

Burrell: "They made him a collar with the World Series ring on it. He made it to 2012, he had a full life."

Elvis, who rode with Burrell at the front of the parade in a wagon pulled by Clydesdales, was one of the stars of the Phillies' World Series parade, which re-airs Sunday at 4 p.m. on NBC Sports Philadelphia.

Something you don't think about during a parade: having to go to the bathroom. Some of these guys were well-served that surreal afternoon. Jayson Werth remembers 6 to 8 cases of Bud Light being delivered to his float before the parade began. Brett Myers' doing, apparently.

Howard: "Our float ran out of beer and people kept tossing beer up onto the float. I probably had one of the best back-hands that I've had in life on one of those beers."

Burrell: "Well, you didn't get defensively replaced." (everyone laughs, Charlie most of all)

Burrell at one point had to sneak off to a bar along the route to use the bathroom.

He said it hit him when the parade reached Broad Street, the magnitude of the moment and the number of people deliriously celebrating. 

He also said he's pretty sure he saw a horse kick a guy.

The whole thing is hilarious.

More here on Chase Utley's famous speech, a story Burrell has been waiting for years to tell, and Werth's Hulk fist.

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