What video games Joel Embiid, Bryce Harper, other Philly athletes are playing during down time


It doesn't matter if you're an average Philadelphia resident or one of the city's most recognizable faces: if you're cooped up in your house for days on end, you're probably going to kill time with video games.

With major professional sports leagues suspended or canceled amidst growing concerns over the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Philly's pro athletes are trying to entertain themselves by gaming. It's relatable.

On Thursday, Phillies star Bryce Harper posed a question to his millions of Instagram followers: should he start streaming video games?

Streaming has become a pretty popular way for athletes to casually engage with their fans, while also hanging out with their real-life friends and unwinding after games. It might sound odd to spend your time watching athletes play video games, until you remember you spend your time watching athletes play games already. Sports!

If Harper starts streaming Fortnite, I'll be there to track his K/D ratio like it's his OPS.

And he's not the only athlete on the sticks. On Friday evening, Sixers star and prolific gamer Joel Embiid took to Twitter to complain about FIFA's difficulty settings, sounding juuuuust a bit like someone with cabin fever:

If you need help deciphering, CM stands for Career Mode and FUT stands for FIFA Ultimate Team, two game modes in FIFA.

Don't forget to leave the house once in a while, Jo. Fresh air will help with the frustration.

Even later Friday night, Josh Richardson was spotted playing Rocket League - at 1:30 a.m.! - by a fan, who tagged him on Twitter. Richardson responded to the fan with the digital equivalent of a head nod:

Richardson later switched it up - at 3 a.m.! - and moved to FIFA:

Then, early on Saturday afternoon, Richardson was trying to convince Mavericks phenom Luka Doncic to play some FIFA with him:

By mid-afternoon Saturday, Richardson was streaming FIFA 20 matches on his newly-made Twitch page:

Instead of setting up his microphone on Twitch, Richardson live-streamed his own reaction on Instagram Live (what a world, huh?) including a split-screen with his random online opponent, who was holding a baby... and still beating Richardson:

Richardson is truly a man of the people.

Notorious gamer and occasional Twitch streamer Ben Simmons hasn't been spotted streaming just yet, but as the NBA's hiatus wears on, it's likely just a matter of time.

If you're stuck at home this week like Embiid, Harper, and Richardson, keep your eyes peeled - you just might bump into a famous Philly athlete gaming on the internet.

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