Embiid exchanges words with Smart after ridiculous flop


News moves fast, so in case you missed it, Marcus Smart and Joel Embiid had a little war of words earlier this week when Smart accused Embiid of excessive flopping.

Smart was angry after his Celtics team fell to the Sixers on the back of 42 points from Embiid, including 21 free throw attempts by the Sixers big man.

Smart, of course, is a notorious flopper, and Embiid found it hilarious that someone with Smart's reputation would go after him about perceived "flopping", so Embiid fired back:

“Marcus Smart just told me that I flail a lot? Come on,” Embiid said Wednesday. “I’m sure he knows himself and he knows his game, too. He does a lot of that.”

It was solid regular season trash talk. Good stuff.

And then, on Friday night, the two teams met once again and Smart showed just the kind of player he is.

Just two days after complaining about extreme flopping, Smart tried to draw a foul - on Embiid! - with an egregious flop of his own. You can watch the video above for full visual evidence.

Embiid's reaction to Smart's flop was absolutely hilarious. He wanted to push the ball up the court and get the Sixers' offense going, but he took just a second to point at Smart and ridicule him for the flop.

And then, after the play wrapped on the other end, Embiid went to "check on" Smart to make sure the Celtic was doing okay. Smart seemed convinced Embiid caught him with an elbow. Okay, Marcus. Whatever you say, bud.

Smart would probably be wise to keep quiet about anyone else's flopping. His actions speak for themselves.

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