Joel Embiid, Sam Hinkie have masterful Twitter exchange


If Joel Embiid makes the NBA All-Star Game, he'll owe some thanks to Sam Hinkie.

No, not just for Hinkie drafting him and originating "The Process," but also for his vote.

Yes, Hinkie is joining the movement. The Sixers' former president and GM casted his All-Star vote for Embiid.

How do we know? Well, from this beautiful Twitter exchange on Tuesday.

The love is real. Or shall we say the trust is real?

Embiid will always be a supporter of Hinkie, as he's expressed his love for the old boss on social media in the past.

Who knows when the two last talked. Maybe the next time will be Feb. 17-19 in New Orleans.

Because the push for Embiid has been legit. These are just some of the latest endorsements.

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