This new Tobi-Bobi Goldfish commercial is pure comedy gold


The NBA's greatest friendship remains undefeated.

Sixers star Tobias Harris and former Sixers big man Boban Marjanovic have a storied relationship both as teammates and as best friends that dates back years with the Pistons, Clippers, and Sixers. 

The two unfortunately haven't played on the same team in nearly two full seasons, but their friendship is clearly enduring the distance - and the interloping of Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic.

That much is clear in a brand new commercial for Goldfish crackers, featuring a Tobi & Bobi reunion for the ages. 

I'll let you enjoy the hilarity for yourself:


This commercial has it all: random non sequitur humor, absurdist slapstick, Boban being extremely tall, and playful tension between two best buds. It's good writing, it's good comedy, it's just good all over. 

Seriously, these two are the best. The only thing that could make this East-leading Sixers season better (other than a healthy Joel Embiid) would be a Tobi-Bobi reunion on the squad.

What a duo.

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