700 Level Inaugural Fantasy Football League Reminder: Applications Due Tomorrow Night


Hey all--just a friendly reminder from your local fantasy sports admin that if you wanted to send in an application for our inaugural 700 Level Fantasy Football League, tomorrow night is the deadline to do so. In case you've forgotten (or if you missed the original post and are too lazy to search for it), the e-mail to apply to is 700fantasy@gmail.com, and what we're looking for in your e-mail is your name, your proposed fantasy team name, and a short story relating your most memorable (for whatever reason) Eagles-related experience of last season. Based on the humor and/or thoughtfulness of your response (and if you want to throw in anything else to sell your case or sweeten the pot), we might select you for the opportunity to battle against Kulp, Enrico and myself for some hot Eagles swag and permanent 700 Level bragging rights.

We're very pleased with the number and quality of the reader submissions thusfar--suffice to say, not everyone who asked is going to get in--but there's still certainly room on our shortlists and in our hearts for a couple more of you out there. Don't be shy, now, or it's going to be a long season wondering "What If?"

(The league members will be announced over the weekend, and the live draft will commence on Monday at 8:00 EST. Please do not apply if you can not make the live draft.)

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